Samantha & Jakob Tying the Knot in 2017

Coming to the Various Parties

Nothing better than a good Irish wedding. I don't know if he was telling the truth, but the same lad togged off completely and ran around the reception of the wedding I attended. seen it but googled it and came across an article about a groom beating the shit out of his new wife on their wedding night. I went to a friend's wedding a few years ago. I chatted to a randomer at a wedding there a while back.

Mother of the bride puking into her glass and redrinking it at 5am in the residents bar. I go outside for a smoke and see the groom sitting in a boy racer honda civic drinking cans with his mates. I literally just read this, screen grabbed it and sent it to our best man and warned him that I'd be hitching up my dress and squaring up to fight him if he dares do that! The bride is nearly in tears, saw it once but can't find it again. between the band and the dj, so 2 am wtf the dj was only starting after 2am?

I on the other hand, had to go and sit down for awhile to compose myself. Argument starts between the father and the uncle and next thing the father throws a haymaker and knocks the uncle clean out. Bride comes over, makes some small talk with the groom's group of mates- about ten of us.

During the speeches another couple have a screaming match, they were hit drunk and after taking something.

This lasted for about 15 minutes before he collapsed back in the chair. It was in December, year ago & they put holly up with the flowers. Another time, bride is crying and asking her friends where the groom is. My story: groomsman had recently split with bridesmaid and caused a domestic at the ceremony, leading to his brother knocking him out for being a prick, which in turn lead to the wedding being abandoned. At a lull in the conversation, she goes "Well, I need a shit. Smacked his head off the floor, we had to help him up to his room. Good, can't have people getting these notions About 6 in the morning, last 3 people still up drinking are the groom, his father and his uncle . wedding in cavan and the groom was carried outside and dumped into a pond by his groomsmen for the craic minutes before he was meant to go upstairs and consummate his marriage with his bride The O'Reilly's send their regards shure. It was between the band and the dj, so 2 am?

Half way through the ceremony this wall of holly came down on the congregation. Night ended with them getting in a big argument and the bride sitting crying on a couch in the corner while her new husband got plastered drunk. I'm not one for looking at the watch during a party. That's fucken hilarious tho Fucked the bridesmaid on the putting green. The best man got hammered in anticipation of his speech, and went too far in slagging the bride; bringing up that she cheated on her last boyfriend, that she was a knacker and the groom could've done better and just about every other insult and insinuation under the sun. Did you pass on the info to the Guards?

He had a good short game by the sounds of it.