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Tying the Knot in 2017


I thought that it might be easier to manage the updates on a blog. This was more of an after thought instated of updating the pages individually and you never knowing where to look for the .

Nothing better than a good Irish wedding. I don't know if he was telling the truth, but the same lad togged off completely and ran around the reception of the wedding I attended. seen it but googled it and came across an article about a groom beating the shit out of his new wife on their wedding night.

I went to a friend's wedding a few years ago. I chatted to a randomer at a wedding there a while back. Mother of the bride puking into her glass and redrinking it at 5am in the residents bar.

Quiney from the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary travelled to a luxurious Dublin castle hotel to greet guests at the wedding of Maegan Wallace and Brian Connolly. Brian rang Donegal Donkey Sanctuary owner Danny Curran about his fianceeā€™s wishes and Danny was only too happy to oblige. Having a donkey at their wedding was always the dream for Maegan, her husband, Dubliner Brian said. After a most memorable wedding day with a donkey, Maegan and Brian are planning to continue supporting the sanctuary, which has faced several funding crises in the past.

May they live as long as they can" Like I said, I'm not the best in translations, especially when I'm doing it relatively fast. I don't have a drinking problem I drink I fall down I get back up no problem.

I was in a public speaking class, and a friend of mine suggested/convinced a girl to end her toast with that line, for an engagement party toast.

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